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Paris mon amour ..... The interview ....

And after the Christmas break, we're back among you. This time we chose to talk about another couple of travelers "Achelous, who want to talk about their" long weekend "in Paris.

Paris is spectacular, "says Rose, I never get tired of coming back, to lose one of its picturesque streets, or be fascinated by his palaces. The Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, la Tour Eiffel its tasty baguettes ... ...

Rosa, came one day in our agency with her boyfriend, wanting to leave and go somewhere without spending much. Now we have recommended to Paris! Capital of love par excellence. The perfect place for an engaged couple.

Rosa, what made you hit most of this trip ?

Transport!! We who are accustomed to our city on a human scale, where everything is relatively close at hand, we were extremely impressed by the efficiency of the metro network. The Paris underground is another city within a city. Trains after two minutes of each other, and reach every corner of the city "superior" in no time.

What was the place, the most beautiful monument that it is absolutely necessary to visit?

For us, Paris is beautiful, and should not be left out anything. Certainly, the Eiffel Tower is spectacular, both day and in the evening with his light show. Do not miss the climb from the top floor of the tower, from where you can see Paris from all angles.

And for those who love art, the Louvre is truly a treasure chest that keeps wonderful masterpieces. How to lose a chance to see the famous "Mona Lisa" Leonardo, or "David" by Donatello, or simply to walk the same halls walked by Professor Langdon to discover the "grave" of Mary Magdalene? And surely you must visit the picturesque district of Pigalle Place du Tertre by up to Montmartre and the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

What advice to those who decide to travel to Paris?

There would be much to say, should be visited Paris very quiet, but better to visit for a few things well, otherwise you may not see anything. It 'was very helpful for us to follow the program of visit that you have provided before you leave, so we did not lose time. One very important thing: not buying bottled water in bars, restaurants and hotels because it costs so much. Best buy in a supermarket, or simply take in water glass, and above all, have lunch before noon, otherwise you risk running out of "baguette" ... until the evening.

Rose is right, there would be so much to say about Paris. If you're curious or do you have any questions .... Do not hesitate to contact us.

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