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Founded around ' 600 to . C. Etruscan and Italic by Sarrastis has been the subject of conquest and pillage by the Etruscans, the Samnites, the Romans and the Lombards. In the fourth century the city fell to the Samnites, changed the original name in Noukria Nuceria Alfaterna, and became the capital of a powerful league, whose territory stretched from the outskirts of Naples to the Gulf of Salerno, which included Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabia, and Sorrento. After a period of conflict, in 308 to . C. became an ally of Rome, while retaining full autonomy and beating its own money. Destroyed in 216 to . C. by Hannibal resources even richer and stronger. This autonomy ended with the granting of Roman citizenship in 91 to . C. when the city became a Roman Municipality. In this age it was enriched with splendid monuments, partly brought to light, as the Theatre, the Amphitheatre and the magnificent Necropolis of Pizzone. The eruption in 79 AD, although it was damaged and taking away the most fertile part of its territory, does not diminish its importance. The Byzantines then tried to revive it, building the great Baptistery of S. Maria Maggiore, but the arrival of the Lombards in the seventh century brought about the death of the city. In the age of Lombard county was dependent on the Principles of Salerno, the center of the struggle between these principles to the Greeks of Naples and Amalfi. After some dark ages Nocera was reborn during the eleventh in a new place, on the hill of the park, and despite a new destruction in 1138 by Roger II of Altavilla, continued ever since his new life. The town became a fief of the Filangieri, barking, the Zurlo, and assumed the name of Nocera de 'Pagani. In 500, under the title of the Dukes held the Carafa, followed by the Castel Rodrigo and Pio di Savoia, until the abolition of serfdom in 1806. 1806, which marked the beginning of the Decade of the French and the abolition of feudalism, is a crucial year in the history of Nocera.
from Salerno 19 km, 41 km from Naples , 248 km from Rome
How to get
By car
Highway A / 3 Naples-Salerno, exit Nocera Inferiore).
Highway A/30 Caserta / Salerno Nocera outlet / Pagans.
By Bus Bus Bus
public and private Nocera link to Salerno, Amalfi, Pompeii and Naples
railway station on the line Nocera Inferiore Napoli - Reggio Calabria. (
Naples Capodichino Airport ( )
What to see - The cathedral of San Prisco, where you can admire the frescoes Solimena, the church of Sant'Andrea, which houses some interesting sculptures and sarcophagi, the Gothic church of St. Anthony, with the Archaeological Museum Agro Nocerino Sarnese, and the remains of a medieval castle, dating from the eleventh century. In the fifteenth-century Franciscan convent of S. Antonio, is home to the findings of the excavations of the ancient village Nuceria and its necropolis. Welcomes also antiques from the nearby Angri and Scafati.
Patron Saint San Prisco, May 9
Mayor: Antonio ROMANO
Typical products: vegetables and fruit trees


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